Production technology

Core Technology
  • Mould

    · Precision (must be controlled)

    · Mold life (one million molds)

    · Strictly require mold materials

  • Debugging

    · Temperature

    · Molding time

    · Injection pressure

Production process

  • Injection workshop
    Injection workshop
    • Go to the warehouse to get raw materials

    • Confirm Recipe

    • Start mixing

    • Moulds on the bench

    • Commissioning products

    • The quality department inspects and confirms

    • Qualified through inspection and put into production

    • Patrol inspection every hour

    • The final inspection is qualified, and the process ends

  • Packaging workshop
    Packaging workshop
    • Seal the sample according to the customer's order requirements

    • Production packaging

    • Confirm sealed sample

    • Inspection and acceptance

    • Packaging completed

Qualification certificate